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aServicing Heavy Equipment Of All Kinds

Naumann Bros Inc. is your go-to shop for all your heavy equipment cleaning and repair needs. We service anything from semi-tractor trailers, automotive, construction equipment, forklifts, arial lift equipment and compact equipment.

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24/7 Wash Bay Cleaning

With an extensive, technologically-advanced wash bay, we keep your vehicles looking super clean all year around!

Wash Rates


Detailed includes: Under hood rinse, brush stacks, hard to get areas and rims.
Splash and Dash includes: Unit express power wash.


Splash & Dash



Tractor with Day Cab$80.00$60.00
Tractor with Single$167.00$145.00 (includes window brush and chrome clean)
Tractor with B-Train Trailer$265.00$175.00 (includes window brush and chrome clean)

*An additional charge of $30.00 per 15 minutes is applicable for "Extras" such as excessive snow, ice, bugs and/or mud removal.
Our cost to Acidize wheels and tanks is $40.00 per fifteen minutes.


Detailed includes: hand and machine brush and clean.

Splash and Dash includes: machine brush and clean.

DetailedSplash & Dash
Standard Dry Box, Moving Van, Reefer, and Flat Deck$72.00$63.00
Grain Cement, Wood Chip, Tank or Dump$105.00$63.00
Auto Carrier and Super B Flat Decks$105.00$63.00
Grain Train and Tanker Train$170.00$125.00
Outside Reefer Trailer or Van Acidize$175.00
Horse Trailer Acidize$125.00
B Train Acidize$299.00
Box Hauler (under 25 feet)$85.00$60.00
Box Hauler (over 25 feet)$95.00$70.00
Dump Truck$125.00$90.00
Dump Truck with Pup$185.00$185.00

Inside Washes

This service includes a cleaning either with soap and water or fire hose.

Standard Dry Box/Reefer$39.00
Grain Trailer (single)$80.00
Grain Trailer Train$96.00
Reefer Trailer, Moving Van, Dry Box Acidize$160.00

Repair Done Right

At Naumann Bros Inc., we repair heavy equipment of all makes and models. We offer a variety of repair services to suit your needs and offer 30 days of warranty on all repairs done by us.

Repair Rates

Shop Repair Rate:120/hr
Field Service Repair Rate: 120/hr plus fuel surcharge (1.50 per km) 3 hour minimum

Hours Of Operation

Truck Wash: 24/7
Repair Shop/Mobile Service: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm 7 days a week

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